Tranquility Fabric - 3 Panel Bundle

  • Panels feature threaded inserts which allow them to easily be mounted to rear of worksurface
  • Reduces visual distractions and increases user privacy
  • Tackable surface accepts thumb tacks and push pins
  • Panels mount at fixed height and provide privacy 18" above and 8" below worksurface
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Includes 2 Side Panels (23" wide) and 1 Rear Panel (46", 58", or 70" wide)
  • Includes 3 Panel Desk Mounting Kit
    • Attach 3 Panels (one rear and two side panels) to your worksurface
    • Clamp mount design provides flexibility and will not damage panels when properly installed
    • Available in brushed aluminum finish
    • All hardware included

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