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Workrite has set the standard for ergonomic office products including sit stand desks, keyboard trays, task lights, monitor arms, and organizational accessories.

“…No one knows ergonomics better than Workrite – it’s not just something we do, it’s all that we do…”

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Work Remote: How to Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office

March 24, 2020

You may have suddenly found yourself working from home and are quickly realizing that your home office is not nearly as comfortable or ergonomic as your regular office. Don’t worry! We’ve prepared a quick and easy checklist for creating an ergonomic workspace no matter where you’re working. Just follow this basic set up guide to create a more ergonomic and productive home office.  

Work Smart: How to Streamline Your Workflow to Boost Efficiency

March 17, 2020

Streamlining your workflow means making everything you do more efficient. You can do this by creating and sticking specific processes, utilizing automation, implementing time management techniques, and delegating to others when it makes more sense to do so. Ultimately, the goal is to optimize efficiency so you can get it all done with less stress and in less time.

Work Smart: Creating Smart, Multi-Use Training and Education Spaces

March 03, 2020

Smart training spaces are optimized for more than just one use, making them flexible enough to support a variety of needs. With the right furniture, accessories, and layout, your training rooms can be converted to regular workspace, conference space, or collaborative environments instantly.