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Workrite has set the standard for ergonomic office products including sit stand desks, keyboard trays, task lights, monitor arms, and organizational accessories.

“…No one knows ergonomics better than Workrite – it’s not just something we do, it’s all that we do…”

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Work New: Revamp Your Workspace in Just 5 Easy Steps

May 01, 2019

To revamp your workspace and make it feel like new again, start with the set up. Once your space is optimized for working efficiently, keep up the good work! Try these 5 tips to get started with your workspace makeover.   1. Make sure it’s ergonomic If you don’t have a sit stand desk, you can still set up your desk to make it more ergonomic. The right set up will help you work comfortably all day long, reducing fatigue, pain, or risk of injury. Add an adjustable monitor arm and/or keyboard tray to keep your neck in a neutral position and your elbows at 90 degrees. Arrange your desktop so the things you use regularly are within arms’ length, without the need to bend or reach.... Continue Reading →

Work Efficiently: 7 Ways to Boost Efficiency and Finally Get Everything Done

April 01, 2019

Work efficiently, boost productivity, and get more done faster by creating an ergonomic workspace, adopting the right tools, and adapting as you go. Before you can actually work efficiently, you have to make sure you’re set up for it. The right ergonomic sit stand desk is the foundation of a productive workday.
Work Smart: How Smart Workers are Leveraging the Power of Prioritization

March 01, 2019

We spend so much of our time working, but how much are we actually getting done? To work smart, set clear priorities so you can be more productive. Prioritization is a great tool for getting more work done without wasting any time. Use these takeaways to get started working smarter today: