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Workrite Ergonomics is an internationally recognized leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative ergonomic and space optimization products for the workplace. For nearly 30 years, Workrite has set the standard for ergonomic office products including sit stand desks, keyboard tray systems, and monitor arms.

Workrite’s designers and engineers incorporate modern design techniques, the latest technologies, and the highest quality specifications in the industry to create products that are sure to complement even the most sophisticated office decor. Times change and so do office environments. Workrite products can be easily adapted to meet the needs of virtually anyone, in any office environment, making them the smart investment for today’s most demanding and dynamic organizations.

At Workrite, we understand that companies invest in ergonomics programs because they know that happy, healthy workers are more productive. That’s why our products are designed to provide a more comfortable work experience, engaging people to use them and providing you with a greater return on investment. Every Workrite product is designed with the direct input of the ergonomics community, ensuring that they not only perform complex functions to enhance user comfort and productivity but are also intuitively simple to use.


Why our company culture is so great:

“I walk the shop floor and the office every day just because I want to make sure that people know that I care, and want to know what they’re doing and what their challenges are and how I can help them. Just those little things, to me, are the things that make a big difference in creating a culture where people feel appreciated and respected and want to go that extra mile for the customer.” - Charlie Lawrence, President