May 18, 2020

Work Active: Why Sitting Too Much is Bad for You and What to Do About It

Normal, everyday life is filled with a lot of sitting these days. We sit in our cars, we sit at our desks, we sit at the kitchen table, and we sit on our couches. Most of us have to actively seek out exercise by joining a gym or attending exercise classes because our regular days are so sedentary.

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May 05, 2020

Work Active: Pro Tips for Pro Switches

Sit stand desks are great for helping us get more movement into a normal workday. The idea is not to stand constantly, but to ensure you change positions often, alternating between sitting and standing. A sit stand desk with a programmable switch will help you go from sitting to standing (and back again), easier than ever. Here’s our favorite, and maybe surprising, features of programmable sit stand desk switches.   View full article →
April 21, 2020

Work Neat: How to Keep Your Cables Neat & Why It Matters

Messy cables under your desk is not a good look. With sit stand desks, cable management is especially important because the desk needs to be able to seamlessly move up and down without cables getting caught, tangled, or ripped from their plugs. Whether you’re a cable managing pro or a total novice, here’s how to finally get your cables under control and why cable management is so important.

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April 07, 2020

Work Neat: The 4 Things I Always Keep on My Desk, and All the Things I Don’t

There are two kinds of people in the office, those who keep a neat desk, and those who don’t. While there’s nothing wrong with a messy desk, it can be distracting to you and those you work with. Some say a messy desk is the sign of a creative person, and what we call “mess” might be totally organized to someone else. But a neat desk actually can have a huge impact on your work.

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March 31, 2020

Work Remote: Ergonomics at Home - Seated Position

So you've found yourself working from home and you don't have the ergonomic setup you may have at work. Here are some guidelines for working in the seated position. With proper posture, you can work ergonomically no matter where you're working.

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March 24, 2020

Work Remote: How to Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office

You may have suddenly found yourself working from home and are quickly realizing that your home office is not nearly as comfortable or ergonomic as your regular office. Don’t worry! We’ve prepared a quick and easy checklist for creating an ergonomic workspace no matter where you’re working. Just follow this basic set up guide to create a more ergonomic and productive home office.  

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March 17, 2020

Work Smart: How to Streamline Your Workflow to Boost Efficiency

Streamlining your workflow means making everything you do more efficient. You can do this by creating and sticking specific processes, utilizing automation, implementing time management techniques, and delegating to others when it makes more sense to do so. Ultimately, the goal is to optimize efficiency so you can get it all done with less stress and in less time.

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March 03, 2020

Work Smart: Creating Smart, Multi-Use Training and Education Spaces

Smart training spaces are optimized for more than just one use, making them flexible enough to support a variety of needs. With the right furniture, accessories, and layout, your training rooms can be converted to regular workspace, conference space, or collaborative environments instantly. 

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February 18, 2020

Work Flexible: Why Keyboard Trays Are Still Useful, Even if They're Not Cool

Adjustable keyboard trays are a great way to provide maximum ergonomic benefits and greater levels of comfort for any workforce. When used in conjunction with fixed height desks, or with sit stand desks featuring limited ranges of adjustability, a keyboard tray can improve the overall usability and ergonomic functionality of the entire workcenter. 

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February 04, 2020

Work Flexible: Dual or Single? Static or Articulating? Monitor Arms Explained

There are a ton of monitor arm options, from static monitor arms that allow for limited adjustments, to articulating arms that give a wide range of motion. Choosing the right monitor arm doesn’t have to be difficult. The main things to consider are the equipment you need to support, the adjustability you want to have, and the desk you intend to mount the monitor arm on.

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