Work Smart: Creating Smart, Multi-Use Training and Education Spaces

Smart, Multi-Use Training and Education Space

Creating training and education spaces, whether they’re part of a larger office or a standalone space dedicated to learning, is no small task. Smart training spaces are optimized for more than just one use, making them flexible enough to support a variety of needs. With the right furniture, accessories, and layout, your training rooms can be converted to regular workspace, conference space, or collaborative environments instantly. Here’s what to think about when creating smart, multi-use training and education spaces.  


Flexible Furniture

Sometimes a training room is centered around computer work, but sometimes the group just needs distraction-free worksurfaces and a clear view of the instructor. That’s where Line of Sight Computer Training Desks come in. Line of Sight desks allow you the flexibility to arrange the training room in any way you like, and securely supports the technology you need. Computers and all ancillary technology are installed into the desk for secure storage and protection of valuable equipment. Adjust the height of the monitors to allow for a clear “line of sight” to the instructor or a presentation at the front of the room. All monitors in the room can be lifted and lowered with a single remote to go from computer-based training to face-to-face collaboration in an instant. The instructor can also allow individuals to adjust their own monitors or can lock individual desk switches anytime.

For a simple training room setup, Sonoma Mobile Tables are a great solution to create flexible environments. These mobile tables, set on casters, can roll where you need them to quickly rearrange a room, adding additional tables or removing extras with ease. They can be stored with the worksurfaces upright and easily nest into one another for compact storage. Quickly set the tables up with one-touch flip top technology, making it simple to set them up and store them away. Sonoma Mobile Tables allow you to create a simple training or collaborative space out of any open room.  


Comfortable and Ergonomic

During a training or conference, it’s important that your participants are comfortable so they can pay attention to the task at hand. Comfortable and ergonomic workspaces, including adjustable chairs with proper back support and seat cushions, are the basis for the training space. Worksurfaces that are height adjustable add even greater ergonomic support, allowing individuals to adjust their furniture to their height and preferred working position. Ergonomic furniture reduces fatigue and boosts productivity. 

Other aspects of comfortable training spaces include the lighting in the room and visibility to the instructor, presentation, or training materials. Overhead lights are great for being able to read materials up close, but should be lowered when a projector is in use. Obstacles that may obstruct the line of sight to the instructor should be lowered or arrange the room to reduce potential visual blocks.  


Integrated Technology

Smart training spaces that are meant for multiple uses always need to be able to support a wide range of technology. Integrating tech solutions into individual or group workspaces is crucial. For individuals, adding desktop power modules or worksurface power grommets allow users to keep their devices close at hand and charged up. The Zens Wireless Charger can be added to Line of Sight worksurfaces, layout flush with the top of the desk, and charges devices without wires or cables.

Technology for collaborative spaces like small group activities or larger training sessions can increase productivity and engagement. Smart boards and interactive tools take training to a new level, driving participation and broadening the possibilities for various learning tools. Line of Sight desks integrate computers and monitors into the desk so each user can have their own computer-based workstation, but the monitors can be hidden away inside the desk when the instructor wants the group to switch gears to more hands-on collaboration.  


Bringing It All Together

Multi-use training and education spaces have to be smart, with flexible furniture that can move around easily and support different types of engagement. The right furniture is flexible enough for different tasks and uses, convertible for different types of training, mobile to adapt to group size, and supports technology as well as face-to-face collaboration. Integrating technology or access to power allows training spaces to do even more. Training spaces should be arranged to work for both big groups and small teams, like a single training room with multiple groups of workstations to accommodate the whole group but allow for smaller team to work closely as well.

Learn more about Line of Sight Computer Training Desks to take your multi-use training and education spaces to the next level.