Work New: Revamp Your Workspace in Just 5 Easy Steps


To revamp your workspace and make it feel like new again, start with the set up. Once your space is optimized for working efficiently, keep up the good work! Try these 5 tips to get started with your workspace makeover.


1. Make sure it’s ergonomic

If you don’t have a sit stand desk, you can still set up your desk to make it more ergonomic. The right set up will help you work comfortably all day long, reducing fatigue, pain, or risk of injury. Add an adjustable monitor arm and/or keyboard tray to keep your neck in a neutral position and your elbows at 90 degrees. Arrange your desktop so the things you use regularly are within arms’ length, without the need to bend or reach. For bonus ergo points, add a standing desk converter like Solace Electric to turn your standard desk into a sit stand workstation.


2. Don’t forget lighting

Office overhead lighting is often too dispersed or the wrong temperature for working and viewing documents comfortably. Add a desktop or under-cabinet task light that has a warmer hue and adjustable light levels to avoid eye strain. An adjustable light that can be moved into the perfect position is optimal for ease and comfort. If you have a window nearby, invite natural light into your space, boosting your mood and making a small space feel bigger.


3. Clear the clutter

A cluttered desk can be overwhelming and make it difficult to work efficiently. Remove unused or unnecessary items from your desk, keeping only the items you use daily (or that add important personal value like photos or plants). Use a desk mounted tool rail with cool accessories that allow you to keep more items close at hand but off your desktop. Store other items like documents and office supplies in a mobile pedestal beneath or beside your desk. Our new Metal and Laminated Mobile Pedestals are skinny and stylish, maintaining leg room and complimenting the aesthetics of your office.


4. Bring in some greenery

Nothing says ‘new’ like some fresh plants! Liven up your workspace with desktop plants like succulents, snake plants, or spider plants. Look for plant species that do well in low light and require minimal maintenance. To help keep your plants happy, place then under a desktop task light or near a window. Make sure to water them regularly so your desk doesn’t become a plant graveyard!


5. Keep it up!

Now that your workspace has gotten a makeover, keep it that way by regularly tidying up your space and wiping down your monitor and desktop. Make it part of your daily routine to organize your workspace and break out the cleaning products on a weekly basis. Now your new workspace is your new normal!