Work Limitless: Designing Office Furniture for the Office of the Future



The office furniture of the future must be flexible and able to adapt to a changing environment. When we develop new products, like innovative sit stand desks, we have to think years ahead to create products that are flawlessly functional far into the future. Here’s what we think about as we design office furniture for the office of the future.



Space saving, multi-use furniture pieces are a great addition (or foundation!) to any office environment. A fixed desk with a desktop computer might work right now, but the office of the future will require worksurfaces that can be used for a variety of tasks. Line of Sight Computer Desks are a great example, because they can be used for computer work or as a clear desktop and they store the computer inside the desk when not in use. Smart, multi-use furniture can adapt to its space and serve a variety of purposes to meet changing needs.


Mobile, Flexible

It makes sense that to create a functional and future-ready office, furniture will need to be flexible. Mobile pieces that can roll from room to room, fold down and store easily when not in use, and adjust in a variety of ways are a key part of the office of the future. Nesting tables, furniture on casters, and expandable furniture are great ways to bring more flexible furniture into the office.


Expand (& Contract)

Business needs are always changing and the office environment needs to be able to expand and contract along with these changes. With sit stand benching systems, desks can be added or removed easily as teams grow and shrink. Upgrade a compact desk to a larger worksurface, using the same base. Easily rearrange desks in an open office environment to increase or decrease workstations.


Connected / Smart

Technology is the hub of almost all the work we do. We work on computers or laptops and stay connected through smartphones and wireless tech accessories. Office furniture is just another way to use smart technology to stay connected. Some electric sit stand desks can be controlled with an app on your smartphone, and wireless chargers can be integrated into your desktop. 


Future Proof

The future is still unknown, that’s why the office furniture of the future must be adaptable, flexible, and high quality. We design with the future in mind, creating each product to grow and adapt with you. Components are interchangeable to easily upgrade. If something breaks, you can replace the part rather than the whole product. High quality components and systems support a long product lifespan, so you can enjoy your office furniture long into the future.


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