Work Limitless: A Deep Dive Into the Inner Workings of a Sit Stand Desk



Ready to geek out with us? When we designed Sentinel, the focus was on the technology. We wanted a sit stand desk that was smooth, quiet, and ultra responsive, building upon our almost 30 year track record of ergonomic innovation. To make all that happen, we had to completely rethink the systems used to power the desk. Let’s take a deep dive into the inner workings of Sentinel.


Brushless Motor

Sentinel is an industry first. While DC brush motors are a long existing standard, Sentinel’s new DC brushless motors offer some exceptional benefits to the user: they’re long-lasting, quiet, and responsive. The DC brushless motor is markedly smaller than its DC brush motor counterpart, using less material and making it a more environmentally responsible option.

Maximum Durability
DC Brushless motors are extremely durable. With less components and internal friction, DC brushless motors run smooth, quiet, and have a long “maintenance free” lifespan. Typical DC Brush motors ultimately will wear down over time; the high efficiency DC brushless motor features improved, non-wearing technology, allowing the greatest performance and longevity in the industry.

Ultra-Quiet Operation
Brushless motors eliminate all the noise created by the contact of the brushes to the armature of the old DC brush motors. With brushless technology, all internal components are enclosed, resulting in ultra-quiet adjustability.

Rapid Response
Brushless motors have the best torque per cubic inch of any type of motor system, delivering rapid response, quick acceleration, and high positioning accuracy. The brushless motors start and stop quickly and accurately, minimizing the amount of annoying overrun (moving past your desired position) experienced with typical sit stand desks. With instant-touch motion, the desk begins moving right when you touch the switch and stops right when you want it to.


AMCS (Advanced Motor Control System)

While most sit stand desks have one control box per desk, Sentinel has our new AMCS control technology integrated into every leg. AMCS has miniaturized the control box technology and made it a seamless part of the desk base. By doing so, the reconfigurability of Sentinel is far easier than old control box systems. Simply add synchronization connector cables and power supplies as needed to go from 2 to 8 legs with minimal parts changes.

Included in the AMCS is Sentinel’s advanced anti-collision system. With a sensor in each leg, the anti-collision performance offered with the AMCS is more sensitive and faster to respond. Instead of software and sensors in the control box having to detect collisions, everything happens within the leg, making it quick to stop and reverse the desk to a safe position if the desk runs into an obstacle.

Easily go from a 2 leg to an 8 leg desk, and everything in between. The AMCS allows you to do so without replacing the control system. Simply determine daisy chain the legs, power supply, and switch, sync them up, and you’re ready to sit and stand all day long. Easily reconfigure your system while enjoying all the same high performance features with our integrated AMCS. Your office continues to grow. Sentinel grows with you.


Inverted Leg Structure

Sentinel’s inverted legs started as an engineering choice that also offers great design benefits. With the largest profile of the leg on top, there’s a stronger connection between the leg and the table top, adding stability to the entire desk. The rounded corners and patent pending Sentinel glide system add to the leg’s structure and allowed us to reduce material usage while improving stability. A great combination of strength and environmental responsibility! The inverted structure is also a smoother design. When you look at the desk from above, the tapered leg makes the stages disappear, offering a sleek look that’s also really smart.


Simple & Smart Brackets

The bracket system underneath Sentinel connects the legs to each other and the table top. They offer stability and strength to the entire desk. What’s new about these brackets is that they require less fasteners and offer infinite expandability. The sliding, telescoping brackets can be used at any length (rather than in specific increments), so they work for any size worksurface. The entire bracket system makes the installation process much faster, more efficient, and ultimately less expensive.


Sit Stand Switches

Programmable sit stand desk switches are nothing new, but the switches for Sentinel go to a whole new level. The Programmable Switch is touch sensitive, responding to human touch like your smartphone screen. When you touch the buttons, the desk starts moving right away, and stops right when you remove your finger. But if a chair were to bump the switch, the desk wouldn’t move. Our Smart App Bluetooth Switch allows you to connect your smartphone to the desk’s switch via the Sentinel app and adjust the desk’s height right from your phone. The switch itself has an occupancy sensor so you can track your sit stand progress and get reminders based on your wellness goals.


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