Work Optimized: Clear the Clutter with the Right Storage Solutions


Is your workspace cluttered? Is your desk covered with documents, office supplies, and personal items? All these things may help you get your work done, but if they’re in your way and leading to unnecessary distractions, it’s time to clear the clutter. Optimize your productivity and make your workspace work for you with storage solutions that are sleek and functional. Even if the majority of your work is done on a computer, clutter can still creep into your workspace. Here are some smart storage solutions to help you #WorkOptimized.


Slim Mobile Peds

Also known as good-ol-fashioned file cabinets, mobile pedestals can roll around your workspace so they’re there when you need them, but can roll away when you don’t. A slim mobile ped, like our new Metal or Laminated Mobile Pedestals, can roll under your desk while still leaving plenty of space for your legs and chair. Combine storage with style by matching your mobile ped’s metal and laminate colors to your desk for a clean, cohesive look. Use the top drawer for pens, staplers, notepads and other office supplies, and the bottom drawer for hanging file folders, your lunchbox, or tennis shoes.


Hanging Pedestals

They’re like mobile peds but attached to the underside of your worksurface. Hanging Pedestals not only keep your workspace clean with convenient storage, but they keep the floor clear as well. With a single drawer and organization tray, you can store files and office supplies all in one place. Add the integrated power supply to charge your devices from inside the drawer. Like the slim Mobile Ped, you can choose metal or laminate colors to perfectly match your desk. And when you adjust your desk from sitting to standing, your hanging ped comes right up with you.


Tool Bar with Organizational Tools

Maybe you want more of your supplies right at your fingertips as well as a clear worksurface. Mount a Tool Bar to the backside of your worksurface and attach a variety of organizational tools for storing everything you need throughout the day, like a Pen Holder, Folder Tray, and Accessory Tray. You can keep your documents and office supplies within reach without cluttering your worksurface.


Once you have the right storage solutions, the hard part is using them. Make it part of your daily or weekly routine to clear your desk of unnecessary items, like filing documents and organizing your office supplies in their respective homes. Think about what materials you actually use every day and make a space for those on your desk or in your mobile ped. The few items you do choose to keep on your desk should be chosen with care, and if you don’t use it every day, store it away! 


A neat and tidy desk will optimize your workspace for productivity, minimize distractions, and help you be more efficient. Set yourself up for success with storage that works.