Work Optimized: Go From Cable Mayhem to Cable Management


Nothing ruins a beautiful office like ugly cords dangling beneath desks. Whether it’s for aesthetics or safety, cable management is crucial to maintaining a neat and tidy workstation. Once you wrangle those cables, you’ll find you have more workspace, freedom of movement, and peace of mind (Don’t believe us? Try it!). Optimize your workstation with simple and easy to install cable management solutions that keep your cords and cables out of sight and out of mind.


Horizontal cable management

If you have a TON of cables to manage, a Cable Management Trough might just be your knight in shining… steel? Cable Troughs are mounted underneath your worksurface, running horizontally along the backside of your desk. And they can hold more than just cables. Do you have hefty cable boxes or surge protectors? Cable Troughs can hold all those, too. Workrite has a few different Cable Troughs to choose from: Mesh Cable Trough, Metal Cable Trough, and High Capacity Metal Cable Trough.

Other horizontal cable management solutions include simple clips and straps that you can attach to the underside of the worksurface, wire ways (which are like the cable trough’s little brother), and modesty panels with integrated cable management.


Vertical cable management

Once you have all your cables neatly tucked beneath your desk horizontally, it’s time to tackle the necessary evil of getting all those cords to their power source on the floor or wall. Vertical cable management solutions help you run cables from your desk to a nearby outlet without having them just dangling and getting in your way. Our vertical cable management solutions include a Magnetic Cable Manager, Cable Manager Chain, Vertical Wire Management, and Vertical Cable Sleeve. No matter which option you choose, optimizing your desk with the right combination of cable management solutions will give you the elegant and organized workstation of your dreams!


Above-desk cable management

Ready to take your cable management to the next level? Under-desk cable management is a must, but above-desk cable management is where you can really optimize your workspace. If your monitor arm doesn’t have cable management built in, you can add clips to the arm so that cables between your under-desk cable managers and your monitor run smoothly along the monitor arm, rather than snaking along the back of your worksurface. If you have smaller devices that you need to keep charged, like cell phones, tablets, and laptops, add an above-desk power supply so you have an outlet right on your desktop.


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