Work Redefined: Combining the Right Furniture to Complete Your Office


Whether you’re looking for a solo ergonomic workstation, a multi-user benching configuration, or an office space complete with storage and meeting space, finding the right combination of ergonomic office furniture is important when setting up any workspace. Here are some typical furniture combinations to help you create a complete workspace, no matter the size.


For the solo workspace

So, you want to create an ergonomic workspace that supports all your equipment and allows for a variety of adjustments.

Start with the right desk. A sit stand desk allows you to adjust the height of the entire work surface, while a standing desk converter enables sit stand adjustability without a new desk (check out this blog to determine which is right for you). 

If you opt for a fixed height desk rather than a height adjustable desk, you’ll want to add an adjustable keyboard tray to account for the positioning of your arms and wrists. Keyboard trays can be lowered below or lifted above the worksurface to get your elbows at a 90-degree angle when using your keyboard or mouse. They can also tilt to further refine the positioning.

Depending on the type of monitor you have and number of monitors you use (we have monitor arms that can support 3+ monitors!), find a monitor arm that support your equipment and can be mounted to your sit stand desk or standing desk converter. A good, articulating monitor arm will allow you to adjust your monitor(s) forward and back, up and down, side to side, and angled tilt.

You’ll want a place to put your things (office supplies, documents, snacks), so adding a small, mobile pedestal will provide ample storage even in small workspaces. Our slim mobile ped is specially designed to be used under the desk and still leave plenty of legroom.

Accessorizing your workspace for optimal ergonomics and functionality is an important and often overlooked step. Add cable management to keep your cords neatly out of view, task lights to ensure you don’t strain your eyes (and save electricity!), and ergonomic accessories like an anti-fatigue mat, footrest, or document holder. If you’re in an open office and need some more privacy, a privacy or modesty screen can double as a tackable inspiration board for your notes, photos, or calendar (like these Tranquility Privacy Screens).


For the multi-user workspace

Save office space and optimize user comfort and collaboration with a sit stand benching system. Each user can have all the same equipment as the solo workspace (sit stand desk, monitor arm, storage, and ergonomic accessories), but each desk will be part of a larger benching system. While the desk feet are connected, the work surfaces can be adjusted individually, giving everyone the freedom to move and adjust as needed.

Sit stand benching systems are great for large teams in open office environments, but make sure to add some privacy screens that absorb sound and give each person their own workspace. Tranquility Privacy Screens are great for this as they can be mounted to the desk, walls, ceiling, or used as freestanding Shoji screens, and they can be used and reused again and again in any configuration.


For the complete office

Create the ultimate office space with a solo ergonomic workstation, a variety of storage pieces, and extra tables for small meetings. The Advent Desk and Furniture line has everything you need to create the complete office: a sit stand desk that’s as functional as it is stylish, three storage pieces (a mobile pedestal, credenza, and wardrobe), and two meeting tables (a task table in seated or standing height, and a round conference table in two sizes). 

Each piece of the collection comes in all 5 laminate colors, allowing you to create a coordinated and sleek office that meets all your needs. Combine the Advent Desk, Mobile Pedestal, Credenza, Wardrobe, and Conference Table so you have an ergonomic workspace, simple storage space, and a convenient meeting space, right in your office. Advent redefines any office.