Work Together: Behind the Scenes of “We Are Workrite”

We recently released the new “We Are Workrite” video, diving into who we are and the amazing people that work here. Now we’re taking you behind the scenes of the video to show how it was made and some of the (hilarious!) scenes that didn’t make the final cut.


How we made it

We created the “We Are Workrite” video entirely in-house, gathering together a band of dedicated people who believed in the dream of an awesome company video. Long-time photographer and videographer Frank Filice, Marketing Communication Manager, was the man behind the camera, while Tom Fritz, Senior Director of Marketing & Product Development acted as producer, interviewer and employee wrangler.

With his photo skills, Frank captured employee interviews (with gorgeous focus), b-roll of our factory, and even the time lapse of the building. He and Tom came into the office at 4am one morning to capture the opening scenes of the video.

Frank and Tom (with some help from Renee Kinahan, HR Wellness & Events Coordinator) interviewed 54 people, capturing hours of video. Each person was asked about their job, how long they’ve worked at Workrite, what they like to do outside of work, their thoughts on the company culture, and how they feel about the ergonomic products we make. The results were staggering. Not only do we have some long-time Workrite-ers, but we have a fantastic group of people who are dedicated to helping create products that help people work healthy and comfortably.

With an external hard drive loaded up with all that video (almost a terabyte worth! 959.81GB to be exact), Hannah Hughes, Digital Marketing Specialist, got to work on the editing process. The video went through at least five different versions over the course of two months before we settled on a final. The “We Are Workrite” video really speaks to what makes this company great: the people.


The fun extra clips

The tone of the final video is pretty serious (did you tear up?), but there were also some fun and funny moments caught on camera. We captured some amazing & hilarious bits that didn’t make it into the video, so here you go:

Frank Filice and Attila Lorinczi’s push-up contest (with Susan Giles cheering them on) 



Renee Kinahan reciting the names of EVERY employee at Workrite (from MEMORY!) 



Alicia Roberts, the Chili Cook-off Queen



Shout out from Javier Vega



Travis Lloyd, the Ping-Pong master



An intense game of foosball & lots of laughs



In case you missed it

Here’s the final “We Are Workrite” video – try not to cry.