Work Together: How Company Culture Drives Business



Work environments are so vital to business success. I don’t mean the decor, equipment, and location (although, those things are important), but how people work together. Companies with a great culture can find better success because they’re more likely to retain valuable employees, attract top talent, and work more efficiently. When people are happy and can work well together, we can all get more done (and feel good doing it!).

The company culture at Workrite is the core of who we are, and how we drive business. The employees here are like family and we’re all dedicated to the work we do, which is why we’re able to do great work! Here are some ways company culture drives business and how you can help build a strong company culture that’s good for business and great for employees.


More innovation

When the culture of a company supports and empowers its employees, those people have the chance to explore new ideas and reimagine the possibilities of what they create. Something as simple as an open door policy for management allows people to bring their innovative ideas forward. When people are happy and supported by a strong self of belonging and camaraderie, they will naturally converse with colleagues and brainstorm new ideas together. The more we work together and support one another, the more innovative results we can bring to life.


Common values, goals, & mission

Getting the whole company on the same page, backing a single mission, helps align people not only to the tasks at hand, but the reason behind them. A company culture that is centered around a core set of values and specific goals, all geared toward a meaningful mission, gives the team a clear sense of direction. When people are working toward the same thing and understand their vital role in bringing it to fruition, everyone can work better together, driving business success.


Retention & recruiting

No one wants to work for a company with a bad (or non-existent) culture. Employees are more likely to stay with the company when they understand and support the mission and can work well within the team. A strong company culture provides a sense of belonging that keeps valuable employees around and can attract new talent. In recruiting, the company culture is increasingly the deciding factor for new hires. People want to know that they will enjoy coming into work everyday. Retaining long-term employees maintains an important wealth of knowledge and attracting top talent helps businesses grow and innovate.


Efficiency & productivity

A good company culture isn’t all about team-building activities, pot-lucks, or ping pong tournaments (although, we like all those things at Workrite); it’s about empowering people to work together to solve problems and produce quality work that backs up the company’s mission. Bringing people together (for work & play) helps us work more efficiently and be more productive. When we understand the company’s goals and feel like we’re part of something bigger, we are empowered to put in the work to drive that mission forward. A good company culture drives teamwork and focuses on the bigger picture, allowing people to work together toward a central purpose.


Culture should be the core of any company. It’s central to what you do and why you do it. It brings people together in support of a common mission and can improve teamwork, efficiency, and innovation. A good culture centers around empowering people, since after all, a company is the sum of its people. Building a strong company culture is the foundation for a future of employee satisfaction and business success.